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Everybody wanted to enhance the appearance of their images with ease and in this regard, you can use the Remini App that can do this work in no time. The automatic AI system of this app can easily enhance the appearance and you will get pretty astonishing results. Moreover, it is also true that it is an Android app, and still after the release of Remini Web, you cannot access all the features on your PC. So, for everyone’s ease here comes the Remini Alternatives for PC, so you are able to perform all the basics to advance level editing in just no time. And if you want to know about Remini then you can visit this article.

So, here are some of the best Remini Alternatives. Moreover, I have also explained all of them briefly, so you can easily decide what kind of app you can use to fulfill the editing needs. 

Adobe Photoshop:

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When it comes to editing a photo, Adobe Photoshop is the best among all the software. It is a pretty diverse software having plenty of tools and numerous options, which can help you modify any sort of image. With this software you are able to adjust the brightness, sharpness, and color correction like many other things, in short, this software provides a new life to your images. Moreover, you are able to access pretty advanced editing tools, such as the “healing brush” that can easily remove unwanted elements to remove the imperfections pretty easily. I have also explained the difference between Remini and Photoshop on this site as well, for more information you can read it as well.


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In the world of editing photos, Befunky is also a pretty advanced software having plenty of features. From “Basic Editing Tools” to “One-Click Enhancements” every such feature is available in this software. You are also able to add plenty of filters and many new effects which adds a creative touch to your favorite images. Moreover, you are also able to do oil painting on your existing images and cartoonization as well. And just like Remini this software also offers Batch Editing features. 

AI Image Enlarger:

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If you are looking for software where you can easily perform all the actions without losing the actual quality of the image then this software is the best choice. The advanced feature named “AI-Powered Image Upscaling” helps you enhance the resolution of the image and preserve the important details. Some of the best features of this wonderful software are a pretty user-friendly interface, numerous customization options, real-time previews, various output formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and many other features like these. 


Fotojet Image - Remini Alternative

With this software, you are able to make stunning designs without much effort. Just like Remini, by using this software you are able to enhance the appearance of your image for social media posting, marketing campaigns, or for other work. You are able to use it for collage making, applying creative filters and effects, and adding text to your images by using its “Powerful Text Editor” tool. Moreover, this software also offers a very unique feature of “Social Media Tools” where you can get the already designed templates for various social media platforms, so you edit them and make your own designs. 


Canva Image

Canva is a superb tool that offers a wide range of options for editing images and creating new ones as well. You are also able to share your ideas with the whole community and use the other’s already designed templates where some are totally open for free while others will only unlock after buying the paid membership. One of the most interesting features of this tool is the “Drag and Drop Editor” where you just find the right item, edit it and place it on your image. There are plenty of different templates available that fulfill almost all purposes. A pretty extensive font library, uncountable icons, and many photo editing tools will surely make your work a lot earlier in this software. 



Just like Remini App this software also offers the same Image Restoration feature, selective adjustments, and batch processing feature. Moreover, the user-friendly interface, plenty of filters, numerous editing tools, and selective adjustments complete the editing work quite easily. So, if you are looking for software having the feature mostly like the Remini app then you can try it on your PC. 


Fotor Image

Fotor is also a pretty excellent alternative to the Remini app for PC because it also has a user-friendly interface, a wide range of editing options and it is quite a fast working mechanism. In this software, you can use features like a one-click enhancement option, collage making, batch processing, tilt shifting, and adjustment options which help you correct the color, and adjust the brightness. Moreover, you are also able to add artistic effects to this software as well. 

PhotoScape X:

PhotoScape X Image

With the help of PhotoScape X you are able to do a variety of different adjustments with your images. You are able to edit your personal image for removing unnecessary items and enhance the resolutions or you can use it for professional work to edit your work-related images. Moreover, this software also has a variety of useful features, such as GIF Creator, Raw Image Converter, etc. 


Paint.NET Image

Contrary to upper-defined software this one is pretty lightweight and has a simple user interface. This software has many features, such as “Selection Tool” to isolate different areas, “Adjustment Tool” to adjust the brightness, saturation, color, and other things, “Text and Shapes Option” to add different texts and shapes on the screen, and even the “Drawing and Brush Tools” is also available in this software. Owing to these many features we can select this one as an alternative to the Remini app on PC. 


Pixlr Image

Pixlr software is quite versatile, both beginners and the expert-level photographer can use it according to their desires. You can use photo editing, brush, drawing, Retouching, and many other tools, which will help you enhance the appearance of the images. Moreover, after completing all the editing you can easily export the image in any format you like, all the options, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD with layers are available in it.

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