Download Remini MOD APK v3.8.4 (Unlimited Pro Cars, Premium Unlocked) Latest version 2023

Remini MOD APK is an AI photo enhancer app and with its help, you can make your old dilapidated or damaged photos into a high-defined one. And the best thing is that there is no need for a graphic designer or a photographer, you are able to do all the editing and photo enhancement on your own with just a few clicks. 

Remini MOD APK Image

Basic Information:

App NameRemini – AI Photo Enhancer
DeveloperBending Spoons
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked, Totally Free, Ads Blocker, Unlimited Pro Cards
Android Requirements6.0 and up
File Size20.8 MB
Last UpdatedNov 5, 2023
Google Play Store LinkGoogle Play Store

This AI, artificial intelligence, based App is doing wonders in the photo editing field. As you know, we all have old photographs printed on paper because just one decade ago there was no Android phone or internet in most places. At that time people used to capture photos with cameras and print them, so they always have sweet memories. However, those photos over time have either been damaged or lost their charm and colors, and this is the major platform that you can solve by using this awesome Remini app. 

Another good thing about this app is that it works on all sorts of photos, all you have to do is scan them properly and see the AI magic happen. Moreover, you can also improve the quality of low-resolution images as well, and in this article, I will cover all the features and the best ways of using this Android Application as well as the accurate way of creating the account and how to download it on your phone. So, read it completely and if you feel any questions are still unanswered, feel free to contact us, we are available to solve all your queries. 

About Remini MOD APK:

In today’s time, everyone has a smartphone, no matter in which age bracket a person is lying he definitely carries a phone with him, so they connect themselves with all over the world. And as every phone comes with a camera, taking photography has become pretty easy and accessible for everyone. However, sometimes by trying our level best we won’t be able to get the desired results in photos as we wanted, so in such a situation, you can take the help of this app. 

Owing to this app you can recreate the photos in any way you like, the sophisticated AI algorithms detest the errors in any photo and correct those imperfections in just no time. Also, in the case of printed photos, you can even correct the scratches, dusty, faded colors, like many other sorts of issues in such perfection that it seems like you have just created a new image right now. Some of the best results of this wonderful app are here: 

I am sure after watching all these images closely you get the idea of how stunning images you are able to get from here. Also, to your surprise, according to the company’s claim till now this app has been revitalized with over 100 million photos, and on Google Play Store this app has taken a 4+ rating, which means people prefer this app over many others for their precious photos.

How to Create an Account on the Remini App?

Before using this app first you have to create an account on it. Believe me, you just have to complete two to three steps and then you are able to use it without any issues. The login and sign-up process is the same as you see in most of the other Android applications. 

After downloading it on your Android phone you will see the login and sign-up options. If you are landing for the first time on this app then you have to select the Sign-up option, so you are able to create a new account in your name. 

Now the next step is to fill in the details, such as your full name, date of birth, phone number if necessary, etc. And after that click on the complete button that is available just at the bottom of the screen and your account is created. 

You also have to verify your account with the email that you have mentioned in the form. It is essential, else you won’t be able to use this app. That is why I suggest you never fill in the wrong details in it. If you follow all the steps mentioned here correctly I don’t think you ever face any issues, however, if any issue appears in account creation you can contact us. 

As you know we offer you the modified version on this site, so this question might pop up in your mind whether the defined steps are the same for this version as well. And the answer is yes, no matter whether you use the original version or the modified one the steps are the same. 

How to Use the Remini App on Android Phone?

Using this app is pretty simple and I will share with you the complete information step by step with images, so you won’t face any issue in understanding it. I used the app before writing this article, so the images you have seen here are taken by myself. 

As you can see in the image as well as on the main screen of the app, which will appear first after starting to use this app contains a lot of options. You can visibly see Enhance, Enhance+, Video Enhance, DeScratch, Paint, and some other options. So, let me explain to you all these options one after the other. 

Enhance Option:

Enhance Option Results With Remini

The enhance option is used to increase the quality of the photos that are low-resolution or blurry. It is the basic and most used feature of this app and the best thing is that both in the MOD version and the original version this option is available for free. After clicking on the enhance option you get the complete details of how this feature works and how much the image will improve by using it. 

Read the instructions, so you will be aware of everything. Remember that the data that appears on any app is the most updated one because the makers keep adding new features to their app that is why you are able to get the most authentic and updated information from here. This Enhance option you can use on images taken from your cell phone camera or downloaded from the internet. And owing to this option you can improve the fine details and texture of the images. 


Enhance+ Results

Just after the Enhance option, the next line is the Enhance+ option. It is a paid feature in the original version that is available on Google Play Store, however, in the MOD version we offer it free of cost. By using this feature you can improve all kinds of photos, there is no restriction. You can increase the pixel quality and reduce the noise of old dilapidated black-and-white color photos. Also, this feature provides you with plenty of other options, such as adding improved colors to the image, or converting it to black-in-white format, etc. 

To use this option, first, you have to click on the “Use it” button after that the phone gallery will open. Here you have to select the image that you have to improve and after that the app will automatically start the process and you will get the improved image after some time. Also, you are able to crop the parts that you consider not good and then click on the save button, which is available at the top right side of the screen. This way you are able to improve as many images as you like without facing a single issue. 

Video Enhance:

Video Enhance Results

Believe me, with just one click you are able to improve the quality of the video to four folds. This feature works in almost every kind of video, but before using it first you have to check the video by uploading it on this app. If you see any kind of error then either the app doesn’t support the video format you have uploaded or any other issue. Remember that if your video is blurry this app can easily improve the quality. 

De Scratch:

De Scratch Feature Results

This feature is specially designed for old printed photos having cracks and scratches on them. Owing to this feature you can easily remove all sorts of damaged old photos. To use this feature I suggest you never use a camera to click the pic from an already printed picture, instead scan it first and then upload it on this app. This way you will be able to get maximum benefit from this application. 

Paint Option:

Paint Feature Results

The next feature of this app is Paint. It is also a pretty interesting feature, owing to this, you can easily transform your pictures into paintings. I suggest you must upload high-resolution pictures to use this feature else you won’t be able to get excellent results from here. This feature is suitable for images taken from cell phone cameras and the image must not be longer than 2880 pixels. Also, just like the other features this one also works automatically, all you have to do is select the image and click on the transform button, and you will get the results. Most users create their own image-painting portraits from this feature and then post them as featured images on their social media accounts. This feature does wonders with their images and everyone likes them to make their images more attractive and unique. 

Colorize Option:

Add Colors to Old Images

The makers have created this option, especially for Black and white photos, however, there is no restriction to that, you are able to use it on color photos as well if you like to do so. You are able to fix the blurry photos, reduce the noise, and straight straight-looking pictures. Also, the image requirement to use this feature is that the image must not be longer than 4096 pixels. The actual use of this feature is to transform the Black and white photos into colored ones. So, now you are able to transform the old grandparents’ images into more like today’s images and then share them with them if they are alive. I am sure they love to see their old photos in such beautiful colors.

Photos into Sketch:

Turn Photo into Sketch

Now comes another interesting feature of this wonder app it can make your photos just like a pencil sketch. Instead of some other features that will work only on phone camera click pictures this feature works on every kind of picture whether it is taken from a camera like DSLR. Also, for best results, one thing you have to keep in mind is that your pictures must be of higher quality for better results. 

The pencil sketch is still quite popular and it is an art form that inspires people. Mostly you see people learn the art of sketching and those who don’t do so pay money to get their sketch. However, after this Android application there is no need to do so, this one will create the images just like the real sketch. And after the MOD version you are able to get this feature totally for free. 


Portrait Feature Results

In simple words, this feature helps you make the images more attractive by removing any kind of marks from the skin, brightening your face, and improving the skin texture. Most of the time if you edit an image from any software to brighten skin, it will change the whole image’s colors, however, this is not the case in this app. It will clearly focus on the face rather than other things that already seem perfect. It is also a pretty handy feature and almost everyone likes to make their images more beautiful and attractive. So, use it and after posting the images on your social media account that you have passed through this feature will surely attract more engagements. 

Retro Option:

Retro Feature Results

This feature is somehow the same as the Enhance+ feature where you are able to reduce blurry, old, mobile taken of internet-downloaded images. However, it will work on images as large as 4096 pixels. That is why you are able to get better results by using this option from the menu. Most of the time the old images are blurry than we had thought and this feature makes them look like you have used a pretty good camera for taking that image. 

Oil Painting:

Oil Painting Results

The next interesting feature of Remini MOD Pro APK is oil painting. By using this feature you can convert the images into oil paintings or you can make short videos as well. The oil painting feature is pretty interesting, although it is not used enough and most users only prefer the Enhance+ and Portrait features to increase the beauty of their pictures, still for those who like oil painting use this feature and really like it. 

Mega Bleach: 

Create Your own Manga Characters

This feature is best for anime lovers because with it you will get your images in Kawaii Art style. Getting the Mega Style photos is a dream of many and this app fulfills it for you. But before using it you must keep in mind that this app will only create Mega Bleach images if your image in the frontal face, or side face is not supported here, unfortunately. However, it is possible you will get side-face mega images in the future after some updates, now it is not possible. 

Draw Me:

Draw Me Feature Results

After downloading Remini Latest MOD APK you are able to use this “Draw Me” Feature as well. Also, just like all other features of image transformation this one also works best on the images that already have higher resolution. Moreover, another interesting option of this feature is that you are able to create GIFs as well. I am sure owing to this GIFs-creating feature you are pretty keen to get this app on your Android phone. 

Blink Option:

Blink Feature

Just like the Draw Me feature you are able to create GIFs with this Blink feature as well. This feature uses your photos and creates GIFs of smiles or eye blinks. Just like other options that I have explained to you in this article, this one only works professionally, and that is why this app is liked by many. 

Face Animator:

Face Animator Feature

You might have understood this feature with the name. If not then let me explain it to you, this Face Animator feature you can use to create short videos of your moving pictures. Yes, your images can turn into movies by adding facial expressions and other such things and then you are able to download them and share them wherever you like. Also, just like the “Mega Bleach” feature, this one only works on the front face images.  

All these options that I have explained to you are pretty interesting and owing to them you can make the images more unique in a good way. So, use them all, and never forget to share which options you like the most and why. We love to listen to your experience and then share it on our blog. So, everyone knows more about it. 

What is Remini MOD APK?

On this website, we provide you with a modified version where you get all those premium features that are only available in the paid version. Therefore, we can say that we have unlocked the Remini Premium APK version for you without taking any money. The premium features include all the upper-defined features, such as Face Animator, Enhance+, Video Enhance, Paint, De Scratch, Colorize, and others.  Also, some of the other excellent MOD features are:

Remini MOD APK Ads Blocker:

For your ease, we have blocked all the advertisements from this Android Application. As you know the Basic Enhance feature that is free in the original version also contains ads and you have to watch at least one then you are allowed to download the picture on your phone. And we have seen people complaining about it most of the time. That is why for your ease our team has tried and managed to provide you with a completely ad-free version. So, download APK Remini Pro MOD on this website and start making the best images. 

Remini Latest 2023 Version:

Another reason to download APK Remini MOD from this website is that we provide you with the latest version here, along with the previous versions as well. The makers keep adding more stuff to this app, so users will get the best experience in it, therefore, after some time we replace the old version with the new one. However, if you want to download the old versions of the Remini App then go to this Page. Here we have provided all the old versions.

Less Battery Consumption:

Contrary to many other games and apps where you see battery percentage dropping just with a little usage, in this app, you won’t see any such issue happening. It is a fully optimized version in which very little battery consumption is happening.   

Availability of Unlimited Pro Cards:

Just like gems or diamonds in any game, pro cards work in the Remini App, you can understand them like an app currency. Which you can use in several places, such as in improving the quality of the image, removing the background, etc. And in the original version to get these pro cards you have to spend money, currently, the rate is 5$ for some cards. However, after downloading the Remini MOD version you are able to enjoy the Unlimited Pro Cards without paying the real money. I am sure this sounds pretty interesting to you.

AI Avatars Creation:

AI Avatars

AI Avatar creation is now becoming a trend. Everyone wants to create their own Avatars and for this, they are even ready to spend money. However, the avatar creation feature available in this MOD Version is totally free for all, so after the successful download you can easily create your own as many avatars as you like. Also, this unlocked version is totally restriction-free.

App Features:

History Feature:

You can also check the history in this app as well, so how many images you have revitalized with it is available every time in this app. So, if you accidentally lose any photo in the future, just come back and save it again. Also, remember that if you uninstall this MOD version or delete your account, you won’t be able to get the previous data back. That is why I suggest you after getting the images from this platform save them on Google Drive or any other credible cloud storage space. I always prefer Google Drive to save my previous data from being lost. 

Language Changing Option:

Although in almost every part of the world, the English language is understandable, people still feel comfortable in their own native language. That is why the makers have added the language-changing feature in this updated Remini MOD APK Premium version. The languages available in it are, apart from English, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese languages, Thai, and Spanish. Now you understand that it is pretty easy to use this app no matter from which part of the world you belong. 

Available Offline:

Yes, you are allowed to use this app without the availability of the internet connection, however, you will not be able to share those images on your social media if the internet is not available. So, now you are able to enhance the images and download them on your cell phone, and when, at any time, your phone connects to the internet the data will automatically save to the history. 

Automatic Working Process:

As I have already mentioned as well, this app works on its own, you just select any option and you will see the visible results after a while. The AI model of this app will automatically adjust the colors, crop the unnecessary parts, and remove the marks, and many other damages in seconds. 

The images that don’t improve by Remini Unlocked APK:

Although this AI-powered image enhancement tool is pretty advanced and almost supports all sorts of image formats, however, there are still some images left unimproved owing to some reasons. 

  1. You are not able to improve the quality of an image that is damaged pretty badly. 
  2. Terribly Blurry or not-of-focus images are also hard to improve. While the app may be able to reduce the blur to some extent, it may not be able to completely restore the original details.
  3. Those images where the face is completely damaged or torn are not able to be improved. 
  4. If an old image loses all the colors and is completely faded, it might not be able to be restored by using this app, however, I suggest you should try it once, the image might improve a little. 
  5. Images with extreme lighting conditions, such as pretty bright or pretty dark areas are not able to be improved. 
  6. There is a specific image size that this app can improve, oversized images larger than 2048*2048 pixels are not supported by this software. 

How to Download the Remini App on Android Phone?

There are no hard rules to follow for downloading the Remini App on an Android phone. There are plenty of ways you can avail of this Android Application. One most famous and what I can say is the most followed way is downloading it from Google Play Store, however, you will get the original version from there that you can use after paying real money. On the contrary, we provide you the MOD version on this third-party website where without any money spent you will get access to the full version. To download this app from this website these are the simple steps:

  1. First, click on the download button and wait a while until the downloading will complete. 
  2. After that, click on the “Open” button and then click on “Install”. 
  3. A permission notification might pop up on the screen, just click “Allow”. 
  4. And that’s all, your app will start installing on your phone. 
  5. Now after the complete installation, you can create the account and use it in any way you like. 


Never Forget to uninstall the previous version before using this new updated version. 


Is the availability of the Remini App Free or Not?

Not the original version but the MOD version is totally free for everyone. 

How does this Android App Work?

I have already explained everything related to this application in this article. However, let me briefly explain it again. The working principle of this app is totally automatic based, just select what you like to do with the image and it will do it for you. 

Is Remini Safe for Android Phones?

Yes, of course, it is totally safe, else we won’t provide it to you. The versions have passed several anti-virus checks and downloaded on our own cell phones before we provide them to you. 

Does this App work offline?

Yes, it works both online and offline, owing to this feature you are able to use it everywhere and anytime. 

Which device Supports Remini?

Remini is available for Android devices running Android 5.0 and above. It is also available for iOS devices running iOS 11.0 and above.

Can Remini App Enhance Videos as well?

Yes, this app can enhance both photos and videos and it uses the same AI technology for both. You are able to increase the sharpness, improve the colors, and reduce the noise in your video.  

Is this app able to restore my old photos?

Yes, you can improve the quality of your old photos and make them just like the new ones or I can say better than new ones. You can remove the face marks, add colors to black-and-white images, restore the missing parts, and do a lot more things with the images. 

How long does Remini take to enhance a photo or video?

This app doesn’t take much time to do its work, however, in certain conditions, such as the quality and size of the image being larger, it might take a while. Otherwise, it will smoothly and swiftly do all the image and video enhancement. 

How do I cancel my Remini Subscription?

If you are using this updated MOD version then there is no need to cancel any subscription nor do you have to buy it. Just download and start using it. On the contrary, if you are using the original version then go to the subscription section and select the option to cancel your subscription. 

Final Words:

Among all the other features that I have explained to you here, the best one is this app’s automatic working system. Contrary to other software that is paid and using it requires pretty good knowledge, this app is free from such issues. From removing the marks or lines to any other unnecessary thing this app will perform work just like professional software. 

Also, I have tried my best to cover all the features, options, and other necessary information related to the Remini MOD APK in this article. And I am sure after reading it all you will be able to use it pretty easily. And if you want to know how this app works on a PC or on an IOS cell phone you can visit the related articles for that, which I have linked here as well. 


This is not an Official Remini App Site, and we are not taking any credits as well. All the rights go to the original App developers. We are just promoting this website, however, if you consider anything problematic here, just contact us, and we will remove it.